About Us

Who are we

The Nameless is a multi-gaming community of gamers, for gamers. The community has a few core values that are highly important to us. Respect. Unity. Transparency. These values are never to be forgotten or ignored! Each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, the community can’t exist. The Nameless is a home for players of all skill levels. A place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself. Connect with us.

Help us reach the potential that we know we can reach.

The Nameless provides a great experience for its members, both in-game and outside. That’s only possible due to the awesome members we have so far, and the leadership structure we have in place to make sure everyone feels welcomed, and enjoys their time here. At the end of the day, it’s important that every member, from the newest recruit to the most veteran member, feel comfortable and stress free here. We believe we’ve managed to create this.

While building a community is fun, the number of members isn’t everything. We are not striving to be the biggest community online, that’s an unrealistic goal. We are striving to be one of the best communities, an online home people are proud to be a part of for years to come. Our core is solid, our ideas are limitless. Now we need people who believe as we do to help us grow.

Lastly, as a community, we want to get involved in the world of gaming. The Nameless wants to attend conventions and events. We want to send our members to these awesome events, want to send representatives, decked out in The Nameless gear there. In a way, it will allow us a way to give back to the gaming world for all the years of fun and enjoyment games have given us. Hopefully one day we will be recognised as an authority in many facets of gaming. We want people to read about The Nameless, and be intrigued and interested about us.

Here at The Nameless, we want dedicated members who want to be part of our community above anything else. We want members who want to push The Nameless to bigger and better things, to achieve more than we ever thought possible. In a way, we’ve already done this, but we want more. Always more. Wear the insignia of The Nameless proudly, and help us become one of the best communities out there.