Here at The Nameless, we are a growing group of like-minded gamers who gather most nights a week and play some really immersive FPS games.

Our end-goal is to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience possible for our members without all the ‘Yes Sir, No Sir,’ bullshit. We strive for tactical realism at its finest without all the unnecessary garbage other groups will make you go through before you can actually have any fun.

Our Arma group consists of some very dedicated, smart, entertaining and mature members. Our games typically consist of about 8-20 players. The Nameless plans to host our own Exile and Wasteland servers in the near future so that we can host private events for our members.

We don’t have an extensive ‘Bootcamp’ or ‘Basic Training’ you have to go through. We don’t make you jump through hoops, but would like everyone to fill out an application at least so that we can get to know you a little prior to inviting.

Please place an application under the Application category on our forums. Please click for our Forums.