Ashes of Creation Alpha Zero Footage

Hey everyone! A small update to showcase a new video from Intrepid Studios, showcasing footage of the Alpha Zero. As always, the game looks gorgeous, and it’s amazing to see how much work they’ve put in the game so far. Each stream, the game looks even more beautiful, and it’s not even Alpha Zero yet! All footage here is from a very early build of Ashes of Creation, and so don’t expect any of this to be final. I’m sure at the end of next year, when Alpha One goes live, the game will look completely different, and, dare I say, even more beautiful than it looks now.

The hype is real, folks. For those of you with an Alpha 0 key like myself, see you in-game December 15th! Otherwise, hold on. The next year will pass by quick, and even more of us will be enjoying Alpha One. All I can say is I really hope this game can pull off what most companies seem to fail doing lately. Deliver a good, well developed and well thought out MMORPG.

Intrepid, we are waiting. And ready.

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    Valdeina says:
    64 classes... wow. Not a game for the alt-aholism in me. Or maybe it is....