Ashes of Creation Halloween Contest!

Hey all! Just a quick note.

Tonight at 6PM Eastern, Intrepid Studios will be live streaming the winners of their Halloween contest. Some will show off their ghastly, terrifying costumes, while others will show off their skills at carving – Pumpkin carving that is! Some sent in all kinds of Fan Art (I’ve looked them over. Some are downright beautiful, others are hilarious!). The last part of the contest is to write a 1000 word or less horror short story, which I am glad to say I participated in!

I’m hoping some of you can head over to the official Intrepid Studios channel later today to watch the stream. It should be great fun (It always is!), and if we’re lucky, they may surprise us with some new Ashes of Creation footage! Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but one can always hope, right?

Click here to be directed to the official Intrepid Studios twitch channel!

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    Valdeina says:
    64 classes... wow. Not a game for the alt-aholism in me. Or maybe it is....