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Diablo III Patch 2.6.1 is here!

author image by TheTangent | Diablo | 0 Comments | 25 Oct 2017

Diablo III 2.6.1 is here!   The latest patch for Diablo III is here, and it’s a BIG change to the meta. A whole lot of gear changes have been made. Along with a whole lot of skill buffs and…

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Season 12 – Overview

author image by TheTangent | Diablo | 0 Comments | 11 Oct 2017

Hi fellow D3ers! It’s almost that time. With season 11 ending in little over a week, and season 12 just around the corner, it’s time to get ourselves familiar with what’s in store for us. I will leave the full…

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    Valdeina says:
    64 classes... wow. Not a game for the alt-aholism in me. Or maybe it is....