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So you want to join The Nameless? That’s good… that’s real good! But like every community, we have a few rules to follow. It’s not too much, but have a look. Our community has grown over the last few months, and while we still consider ourselves new, our Discord is active and vibrant, as are the games we have expanded in. We are searching for members who want to help build this community from the ground up and be forever engraved in its framework. People trickle in, and trickle out, but we want those who’ll stick around for the long hall.

Join us and help us get The Nameless to the level we know it can be


Don’t be an asshole.

We’re building a multi-gaming community, and with that comes people who have different opinions than yours. It happens. Deal with it and move on. This is a place to chill and have fun, not be an asshole. The Nameless community aims to be a place where you can find friends to game with without having to deal with bullshit.

Be Social!

We use Discord for a reason – to get to know each other! A community can’t be a community unless its members are social. If you want to join The Nameless, then join us! Interact with everyone, be online, be active. We also have a forum – it’s there for a reason. You’re not expected to post on the forum fifty times a day, but at least check it once a day. It’s not that hard, and if for some reason you can’t be on Discord all the time, the forum is a great place to also get to know other members. Don’t be shy – get to know us.

Still want to join us?


Good man, that’s real good. Cause we want you too! Now, to join our community, just simply hop into Discord and come say hi. It’s that simple! 


We want you to join our community. Show us that you want to be here too.


Join Us on Discord: The Nameless Discord


You can download Discord here: