Season 11 Ending Soon!

Season 11 is coming to an end on Friday, October 20th. This has been a particularly special season here at The Nameless, as it was the first we entered as a community. The excitement died out near the end of it, but we still kept a strong presence in the game. Season 12 will breathe new life into our Diablo division, and I can’t wait for it to begin on November 9th. Best believe The Nameless will be hitting the new season hard and with renewed vigor!

If this is the first season you’ve ever competed in, see the following link for more information on what happens now that it’s over. Also remember to keep an eye out here and on Blizzard’s official site – with the new season will come a new patch which brings along a ton of awesome changes for the classes.

See you all in Season 12!

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    Valdeina says:
    64 classes... wow. Not a game for the alt-aholism in me. Or maybe it is....