World of Warcraft Classic Server Announced!

And so there we have it. Every BlizzCon, many World of Warcraft fans wait for the announcement of a vanilla server. Every year, we are disappointed. Many have turned to unauthorized servers to get their fix, and while I won’t mention any of them here, they always end up shutting down. Either due to Blizzard sending seize and deceit letters (And with good reason!), or by the drama those running the servers do.

Well, wonderful members of The Nameless community, Blizzard has finally done it. They have announced World of Warcraft – Classic. The vanilla game we’ve been waiting for. I speak of myself personally here – I’ve been waiting almost ten years for this. Ten! And now we will get it.

Blizzard has not announced a release date for the game, but I would expect it sometime in 2018. I would be rather shocked if it came out later than that, but they do have a lot of work to do on the server-side of things, and the backend of the coding to bring the game up to par with their other products.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is beyond excited about this. Interested in fighting Onyxia again? Or maybe going against Lucifron is nothing but green and some blue gear, only to wipe a few days straight? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you want to play World of Warcraft how it was meant to play – Hop on over to our forums and Discord. The Nameless will be playing Classic World of Warcraft!

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    Valdeina says:
    64 classes... wow. Not a game for the alt-aholism in me. Or maybe it is....