World of Warcraft

Stormrage – US

Saturday/Sunday, 8PM-11PM Eastern.

The Nameless has an official division on World of Warcraft. We take a casual approach to the game, enjoying both heroic and mythic dungeons, and normal/heroic raids. We are not a mythic raiding guild. We find enjoyment on progressing through the game at our own pace, with our own goals in mind. Being a top mythic guild is not one of those goals for us in World of Warcraft.

We want members who are active in game and Discord, and who understand the majority of our members work during the day, some even in the evening, and so we don’t have a thousand people online at all times. Evenings are the busiest for our World of Warcraft division – and so we want you to understand that.

Interested in joining us? Great. Drop by our forums and post an application up and we will get back to you shortly!


The Shadows of Argus - Patch 7.3